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🔨Top 5 things you need to know to build a LUXURY Home. 🏠

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In this video, we will talk about the top 5 things for you to consider, that will save you TIME before meeting with your builder, when building a luxury home.

When designing your custom luxury home,
#1 – Know your budget.
-Funniest when people plan their house, and then try to find out how much it costs.
-When you start out first with budget, you can then figure out locations that work, styles that work, sizes, lot prices, etc.
-If you are working with a builder already, having a budget set in place allows the builder to work within that, and act as an advocate for you while building instead of simply building whatever you want, and then handing you a hefty bill at the end you cannot afford.

#2 Understand the timeline.
-A luxury home usually take anywhere from 10-18 months to build depending on its size and complexities.
-Does it makes sense to start digging in the winter? Here in Winnipeg it’s really cold, and the frost gets really deep. Doesn’t mean we cannot dig, it just means it is slower, and takes more time and money. Does it makes sense to dig in the winter? It can depending on your timeline and your budget.
-Other things to consider are road restriction, material shortages, labor shortages, and wait times to get into certain custom shops.

#3 – Who to talk to first. Plans? Builder? Architect? Interior designers?
-The first person you should talk to is a builder. A great builder will have all the necessary people on their team in order to get you started.
-Some people may already have been working on plans. Great. An amazing builder can take a look at your plans, and offer suggestions as to the layout, function and design of your home.
-Should an architect be needed, a builder is the practical part of the equation, and will have an architect that they would recommend. If you already have an architect in mind, a good builder will be able to add value to the plans, and help cost things out prior to construction.

#4 What type of home to build.
-This may be an obvious answer to some, but to many it is a question that holds a lot of people back. Understanding the differences in homes styles, heights, and building techniques can greatly influence what kind of home you build.
-Are you getting a bit older and want to consider having very few stairs? Family living with you?
-You may want to consider that you can have more liveable square footage for cheaper by going a two storey home, as going up is always cheaper that going wider, or longer.
-The neighbourhood that you are building in might have guidelines for you to follow, or you may want to consider resale value of a home that might stick out like a sore thumb.

#5 – Figure out how involved you want to be based on your personality.
This is a funny one, but one of the most crucial things we speak to our clients about because it’s important for people to understand just how much goes into a Luxury home build.
-Do they have prior commitments? Do they enjoy the process? Do they enjoy making decisions and choosing material, trades, or techniques?
-Do they want to pick out certain things, or is their main concern the value of the home after?
-Understanding the level to which you want to be involved helps your builder plan the process to best fit you needs.

Emmett Leo Homes is a luxury custom home builder in Winnipeg, Mb.

Dan Nagy is the founder of Emmett Leo Homes, entrepreneur, investor, and a retired City of Winnipeg Firefighter. After a catastrophic, near career-ending injury, Dan focused his energy into creating a luxury building company that used all of his experience in building profitable luxury spec homes. Learn more about Dan in the link below.

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