What are the Steps to Building a House?

After the many years it’s taken to save up and plan out your luxury home, you’re finally ready to take the next steps in turning it into reality. But with the painstakingly long list of details that are involved in building a house, it may be hard to know where to start. Here’s a brief overview of the steps you should be wary of when preparing to build your future home.

1.  Purchase your House Location

Starting a family in the next few years? Or are you planning to delve into property investment?

Whatever the case may be, having your luxury home situated in a location that will suit your lifestyle for years to come is an essential first step in building your future home. Home-owners often consider the nearby community infrastructure like schools, hospitals, police stations, shopping centres, and parks.

On top of this, you should also review the stability of the ground on your selected location, as well as the weather conditions of the area – both of which can significantly affect the construction and maintenance of your house. Your location could also depend on your budget, and your home loan you’re planning to take on. 

2.  Create and Approve your House Design

After you’ve purchased your ideal location, it’s time to think about designing your perfect home. Knowing exactly what you want simplifies the process, so you can start by listing the essential components of your luxury home and how you want it to look. Designing your ideal home takes time, so don’t rush! Review the preliminary plans multiple times before submitting it to the council for approval, since making changes afterwards will be very expensive and a simple mistake you can avoid.

Find a House Designer

If you have the extra leeway in your budget, consider finding an Architect to help design your house. Although their services are known to be quite costly, Architects are specialised in designing beautiful living spaces which will not only be wonderful to live in but also will significantly help with reselling your property in the future – since you never know if you’ll want to do so! It’ll be also good to speak with your builder (mentioned next) about design plans so you are aware of building costs beforehand as well.

3.  Hire a Contractor

Going through the building process with a professional and experienced contractor limits the possibilities of expensive hiccups and annoying delays. Building a luxury home is an extremely expensive project, so hiring professional builders who are good at communicating and listen to your needs is paramount to ensure that in the end, you get the keys to your home that’s built exactly how you wanted.

Checklist for hiring a Contractor

There are several things to be cautious of when hiring contractors, some of the main ones being:

  • Not signing any contracts before your house design plans have been approved, so you retain your bargaining power and control
  • Checking for licensing of all your contractors for accountability
  • Ensuring to get email confirmations of any changes (such as price)
  • Making sure any variations of the plans are approved by yourself before proceeding

4.  House Construction

Now is the time to carefully monitor and review as your house is getting built. Typically, the first stage of construction is levelling the ground and laying the foundation for your luxury home – such as plumbing pipes. Frames will be erected by a team of builders, plumbers and electricians for a sturdy structure, where eventually your house will be equipped with lines and cables for all your water, gas, electricity and other needs. The rest of the brickwork and doors will be put in place, and then after the internal fixtures are placed in – like your ceilings, toilets, sinks etc. After all of that, you’ve got yourself your new house.

Building a house is a lengthy process involving teams of builders, designers, and labourers that will all come at a hefty cost. But by working with reliable, professional, and experienced builders, you’ll be guaranteed a new and welcoming home that you can enjoy with your family and friends for years to come. Even the best of houses needs maintenance and occasional repairing – which is when Solace Building Services can come in and restore your home back to its optimal condition.