2014 News Update

Planning is now well advanced for our 10th Annual Australian Gnome Convention on Sunday 26th January 2014. Who would have thought all those years ago that 1st Convention would become an annual event and provide so much fun and enjoyment to thousands of visitors of all ages over the years? Not to mention the Gnomes themselves, many who will be attending their 8th, 9th or even their 10th Convention to be reacquainted with their friends.

Blue Mountains City Council has given “in principal” permission for the Convention site in Glenbrook Park to be permeantly landscaped in a sympathetic manner to allow better access. Work will commence in time for our 2014 Convention with the 2015 seeing the full benefit.

We already have had enquiries from Interstate and Overseas and are expecting a record number of registrations. Registration is free and pre- registration is not required. Gnomes should have their carers bring them along on the day to the official desk for recording (to ensure they can be reunited at the end of the day) between 8.30am and 11.30am after which they will be escorted to their place.

While the day is for all Garden Gnomes to get together, chat (in Gnomish of course) and have fun, some special awards will be made, with judging scheduled at 12.00noon.

·     Garden Gnomes
·      Working Gnomes
·      Sporting Gnomes
·     Aussie Gnomes
·       International Gnomes
·     Corporate Gnomes (see Below)
·       Rescued Gnomes (from the 2009 Cootamundra Gnome rescue)
·       Painted or Decorated Gnomes
·       Painted or Decorated Gnomes - children 12 or under
·       Bushfire Gnome survivors or Fire Fighters  

At the Convention don’t forget to visit the Gnome Shop selling Gnomes, Gnome books and associated items. Gnome hats in Adults and Children’s sizes will be available but always sell out fast so be early!

 Corporate Gnomes

Local Business houses and organisations are encouraged to participate in the fun by applying for 1m x 1m x 1m area to set up a Gnome display. We do ask for a $100 donation to help defray costs. This is an excellent opportunity to promote your business or organisation. For more information contact David drcook@ozemail.com.au


Gnomes in the Blue Mountains . . . a story

It was during a Rotary beautification project on Australia’s oldest mainland bridge ( the Lennox Bridge at Glenbrook) that members first caught sight of what they thought could have been a Gnome.

Distinctive, by the high pointed red hat, the flash was seen late in the afternoon heading down the embankment of Mitchells Pass Creek, and then downstream.

Uncertain of the sighting, it was decided that work should proceed on new stairs from the western carpark to the creek bed, but with extreme care.

Gnomes are known to inhabit forest areas and particularly under tree roots where they build comfortable homes. Care was taken during the work, not to disturb the ground unnecessarily, so that any impact on a Gnome colony would be minimal

Whilst not native to Australia, Gnomes are reportedly migrating from Europe and Britain to make a new start where the impact of pollution is less. Gnome numbers in Europe are on the decrease and drastic action was required.

Access to the base of Lennox Bridge may create a disturbance to the Gnome colonies in the area, so we urge people using the picnic facilities and stairs to use extreme caution.

As a result of the discovery, and due to the sensitivity shown during construction, the Rotary Club of Lower Blue Mountains were invited to host the inaugural Australian Gnome Convention on Australia Day 2005 which was a great success with approximately 200 delegates in attendance.

The Australian Gnome Convention is now an annual event held on every Australia Day at Glenbrook Park in Glenbrook Village, Blue Mountains.



Visit the Rotary International website http://rotary.org and the Lower Blue Mountains Rotary website http://lowerbluemountainsrotary.org.au>  to find out more about Rotary